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The most valuable step you can take when you have a beehive on your property is to call in a professional. Removing a beehive is much better than exterminating one because the bees get to live. By exterminating bees, that only creates more of a problem when it comes to the increasing bee extinction rate.

Bees at Work


We provide a free and thorough inspection of your property. Sometimes, a home or business owner will define that there is a bee issue, but cannot locate a colony. Our professionals will need to have the ability to thoroughly inspect your property to check for multiple colonies. A lot of the time, bees like to build their hives in an attic or a hole in the wall.

Swarm of Bees


Once the colony or colonies have been located, it’s time to get rid of the bees. We can do this by making sure to remove all the bees from where they have set up their colony. If the workers are removed but the queen remains, she will lay more eggs to rebuild. So the entire hive must be removed. We are able to identify the queen so that she can not rebuild. Once the hive has been removed, our team can seal up entry points so that it’s harder for bees to find a place to colonize.

Swarm of Bees
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