Tree Services


Proper tree trimming & pruning is essential for keeping the beauty of your trees maintained.  High Maintenance Tree Service is the only choice for tree trimming in Marion County.

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Tree Trimming


Palm Tree Pruning



When a tree has seen the last of it's days, or it needs to be removed for the protection of the rest of the property, we can remove it properly and professionally.  Call us to take care of your tree problems.

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 Tree Removal 


tree removal from yard


Stump grinding eliminates the remnants of trees and makes room for new life.  With the best equipment and skill out there, we'll take care of any tree stump removal quickly, easily & affordably.


Stump Grinding



High Maintenance Tree Service Takes Care of All Aspects of Tree Care:

  • Encouraging Proper Growth

  • Restoring Beauty

  • Maintaining Ideal Health

  • Preventing Disease and Infestation

  • Native Foliage Knowledge

  • Licensed and Insured

  • Equipped for Storm Damage Removal

  • Emergency Tree Removal or Trimming

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