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Ocala Tree Services


Marion County, FL is a piece of paradise, with so much to offer our residents, and visitors.  From beautiful crystal clear springs to our rich southern history, if the trees in Marion county could talk, they'd have quite a bit so say.  And there's more than just our famous Florida palms in the Ocala area. The greenery that surrounds us includes wonderful native plants as well as some harmfully invasive species that need to be taken care of properly.  Here's a quick guide to some of the trees in Ocala.  If you have questions on how to care for the trees on your property, we have the answers.   Feel free to reach out to us any time.

Native Trees & Foliage

There are over 50 native species of trees in Ocala.  If you need your trees trimmed, removed, or have questions on how to take care of your trees, contact our certified Arborist.  We can help you have the most beautiful & natural property you've imagined, whether you just moved or need trimming for safety, protection, ornamental, or seasonal maintenance.

Pine Trees

Palm Trees

Oak Trees

Other Common Trees in Florida

Invasive Species

Invasive plants can overtake your trees and natural foliage, as well as be potentially poisonous to people and pets.  If you have an issue or a question about any species you think may be invasive, contact us and we can take care of non -native or invasive foliage.  Being such an easy place for so many plants to grow, Florida has many invasive species that thrive in our tropical environment.  

For a complete list of native trees, visit this link from the University of Florida.

View the Florida Invasive Species Mobile Field Guide here.

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